Rakesh Gandla

Every brand has stories to tell – stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And he is conduit between brand and consumer.


Suresh joined from an MNC technology giant and took over our technology applications and assets. He bridges the gap between business and technology. A friendly-natured person who is extremely persistent on issues, ensures round-the-clock availability of applications. Suresh carries the capability of understand pure business and integrates them with technology.

Ravikanth Palapati

Ravikanth has started his career as a Customer Service Executive to Senior Manager-Corporate Services (Administration, facilities Management and Human Resources) position over 18 years. He worked in several roles delivering operations change. To gain understanding and appreciation he had supplemented these with time working with all Service Industries like Retail, Manufacturing, Pharma R&D, Market research, IT & ITES sectors. Each role has been more senior than the last and has come with increased responsibility in relation to client benefits that had to be delivered. His current role in the organization with the capacity and ability of Administration, Negotiations, Projects & Compliances, and Event Management ever since 2018 he joined with the Flash.

Santosh Kota

A MBA Graduate with a vast experience of 15 years in Finance and Management. A man with vision who believes in following, its not “I” its “We” Which plays a major role in success of an organization.

His experience at all levels through his energetic efforts in efficient fund management, risk analysis & Operations helped the organization to grow and function in a corporate manner in a very short span of time.

Ramana Reddy

Ramana has been a Management Consultant for over a decade with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and ECS Limited. After a brief stint with KPMG and having spent time across India, Middle-East and Europe geographies, he chose to move out of consulting career and build & grow business on his own.

Some of Ramana’s professional consulting projects were into improving operations, cost to income, new product launch, new geographies, automation through technology implementations, ethics & governance, goal deployment, sales channel management, productivity improvement, large scale organization wide transformation, etc

As a Co-founder & Director at Flash, Ramana operationally takes care of Human Resources, Technology Initiatives and Growth that include new products and categories inclusion for ensuring sustainability.

Venkat Rao

Mr. Venkat Rao is the Founder and Managing Director of Flash Solutions Pvt Ltd, where he is in charge of overall strategy and financial management. He is also the founder of Ikon Technologies, one of the largest reverse logistic companies of India. He is a seasoned telecom entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in sales management and marketing for a variety of innovative product categories in India and overseas.

Mr. Venkat Rao’s talents and skills had resulted in the ideation of two B2B applications: F 360 and Minte. Flashgard is based on a similar process to the other two applications, but with considerably more advanced technical and user-friendly features. F 360 is a B2B platform for Flash solutions, which cuts out intermediaries and makes DTR (Direct to Retailer) operations seamless increasing efficiency and saving cost to the retailers. Minte is an exchange platform for used gadgets which used by most of the retailers and ecommerce players in India. Minte also has a B2B platform for retailers to directly access and buy the procured gadgets.

Flashgard was founded with the goal of providing mobile phone users with the on-demand screen protection films that protect their screens from scratches and breaking. This is done with the use of a machine that is controlled by a technological application that contains designs for practically all items with display panels. Flashgard is an on-demand film cut application for electronic devices ideated with an objective to help the retailers to minimize the wastage where the retailers won’t be left with the end of life and non-sellable stocks.