Venkat Rao

Mr. Venkat Rao is the Founder and Managing Director of Flash Solutions Pvt Ltd., where he leads overall Strategy and Financial Management. He is also the Founder of Ikon Technologies, one of India’s largest reverse logistics companies. With 25 years as a seasoned telecom entrepreneur, Mr. Venkat Rao has excelled in Sales Management and Distribution across innovative product categories in India and overseas.
Under his guidance, Flash Solutions has achieved significant growth and sustainability. Mr. Venkat Rao’s innovative strategies has led to the creation of two impactful B2B applications – F 360, and Minte. F 360 streamlines Direct to Retailer (DTR) operations within Flash Solutions, eliminating intermediaries to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for retailers. Minte, a leading platform for used gadgets among Indian retailers and eCommerce players, also features a B2B module for direct procurement.

Flashgard, another brainchild of Mr. Venkat Rao, provides on-demand screen protection films for mobile phones, leveraging advanced technology to prevent scratches and breakage. Designed to minimise retail waste, Flashgard ensures retailers avoid accumulating end-of-life and non-sellable stocks.

Mr. Venkat Rao’s holds a Guinness World Record, and has worked with all major electronics brands in India, underscoring his industry influence and expertise.

Under his visionary leadership, Flash Solutions continues to innovate and set industry standards, reaffirming its position as a leader in technology-driven solutions for the retail and eCommerce sectors.